19 Sep 2011

I found.....an altered book

We like browsing the "vide greniers" (flea markets) in France
and I could nearly not believe it -
I found this little guy for a few cents
he is now embellishing my farmhouse window sill
But for the moment he is still sitting on a stone bench in front of the house

This is his not very natural backside
It is showing his real genes - a book.
I wish I would be as far as that with my own creation.


  1. He looks very cute. That is a clever idea isnt it.

  2. How gorgeous...I love it whoever made it has a great imagination.

  3. Wow how different Anneliese and such a wonderful find....lucky you x

  4. What a very unique little book. Thanks for sharing that with us. It's so cool.


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