30 Nov 2010

Christmas quilt with cats

Approaching slowly Christmas I thought to show this 18 years old quilt - I was still working tradionally then.
The cats are copied from a commercial pattern - well known by quilters.

German Christmas cookies have been made by DH - already -
while "DW" is occupied with threads and other
lovely and useful things not fattening (no problem with me)


  1. This is another lovely quilt Anneliese. I love how the triangles are mimicking fir trees. What is written on the bottom of the quilt? Keep busy with your threads and then you won't be tempted to try DH's cookies!!

  2. Great quilt Anneliese and thank you for the lovely compliment you paid me....i celebration the big 50 next feb xx

  3. Lovely quilt, Anneliese, it is nice to keep quilts you make and bring them out now and then:) Thank you for your email, I hope you will have a safe journey:))


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